Check out our interview and review at Chic the Style.  In summary, we are taking a lead in men's accessories with many original styles and quality products with a focus on our customers.  It was also a great venue to say thank you to everyone for their support.  We also want to thank Chic the Style for their generous review of our products.  In response to the review of our ties, our first set of knit ties are made from polyester.  We understand that polyester typically gives an initially negative response in today's fashion world, but for these knit ties we chose polyester over silk and cotton because it gives the tie more form and structure, which we really like and more importantly our customers have also liked, and without compromise in appearance.  Believe it or not some have said the appearance is better!  Check out Teaching Men's Fashion's video review and great take on the polyester knit tie.  As we say, we are not trying to follow the norm.  We feel that our designs are our number one strength and that will overshadow any disagreement over the fabrics we use.  We will continue to explore different uses of fabrics and materials as we lead the way in men's accessories.  Thanks to Chic the Style for the opportunity and for the chance here to answer any concerns!  Are you ready to step out from the norm?